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Sport Lines was established in 2004, growing every year.

The company idea was created by Dean Angelo while sitting on the sidelines of his daughter's soccer games... not sure if the ball was in bounds or out, he thought he could make the sidelines more visible, and he did. He and his crew have continued to improve the overall game experience for many schools and youth organizations in the Valley, providing professional field layouts for Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Track & Field Events, Custom Events as well as Basketball Courts and School Yard Game Courts.

In addition to organized sports, we provide services for private parties... creating a game day atmosphere in your backyard, a custom design for a special occasion or a personal court for the family!

As the company has grown, we have expanded our capabilities.  We continue to offer basic field layouts and lining, however, we can add every element that gives your field the look and feel of a professional field. Elements including center-field logos, 16' letters for football end-zones, as well as the 3' wide sidelines that are a popular feature for special football games including Homecoming and your biggest rivalry games - in your house - home turf!

Dean's family is passionate about sports, all sports. Dean played football through college, and his wife, Lorna, being a Texas native, grew up with a love of football.  Both have really enjoyed watching the

competitiveness within each field, as well as watching their son evolve into a multi-talented athlete.

We hope you'll consider letting us improve your game experience with a professional field layout and lining.

Upon request, we'd be happy to provide a reference list of satisfied customers we've been working with over the past several years.  Our goal is to provide quality, dependability and outstanding value.


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