Will the marking paint harm the grass?

No, the marking paint we use is a water based latex paint designed for athletic fields on grass.

Why is it important to have good, visible lines on the field?

Any competitive athletic event requires a properly marked/lined field. The difference between in-bounds and out-of-bounds; first down/fourth down: touchdown/no touchdown; goal/ no goal can be a matter of inches. With a properly lined field, these calls can be made with no guessing. The players, coaches, fans and especially the officials will appreciate a properly marked field.

How long will the marking paint last?

This is dependant on the rate of grass growth and the amount of water/rain the field receives. In Phoenix, during the summer and early fall, the Bermuda grass is actively growing. Further, the amount of play a field receives can also affect the painted lines and markings. During these times, if you have regular games on the field, it is best to reline the field weekly.

Can a field be marked and lined in dormant grass?

Yes, it is best to use a contrasting color such as blue or red. Also, these fields usually last two or three weeks or more!

Why is there a difference in the cost of relining a field and the initial layout and lining of a field?

The initial lay out of a field requires measuring and use of guide strings to properly line the field. It simply takes more time.

What is the cost to lay out and line a football field?

A basic football field can be built starting at $150. Additional markings/services will increase the cost.

How do you keep the pricing reasonable to accommodate high school and youth organization budgets?

This is a family-owned business that has very little overhead and operating expenses. Also, we can purchase marking paint in bulk to keep the pricing low. Since 2004, we have grown each year and have acquired the necessary equipment to complete several fields per week. We pride ourselves in making our service affordable to Youth Organizations, High Schools and all others!


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